Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How to Accept Pending Users in Instagram Bot Site 2018

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Sameel Butt, here. In this Post am gonna tell you that how to accept the pending users on instagram bot site 2018. This post is for those peoples who have the latest instagram bot script, So if you dont have the latest instagram bot scripts just visit the posts of our blog and download the latest instagram bot scripts for free.

  Ok So Let's Start.

Demo Pic : 




Download the getcookie.php file : Click here to download the getcookie.php file.



~ Instructions ~

  How to Use?

  1. First of all Download the termux app from the link given below :
    Click here to download the Termux app.

  2. Now Download sublime text 3 editor for android from given link below :
    Click here to download the sublime text 3.

  3. Now Open the sublime text 3 app and open getcookie.php file in sublime text 3.

  4. Then replace the links with instamoment.xyz in script.
    Note : Total 4 links to replace.

  5. After Replacing, Save the file and open the termux app.

  6. Now in Termux app run the following command first :
    ( pkg install php ) this will install the Php package on our mobile.

  7. Now again run the command given below :
    ( php /storage/emulated/0/getcookie.php ) this will open Getcookie.php file in Termux and automatically accept the pending users on our Instagram bot site.

  8. If you want to watch the video tutorial of this topic click on the link given below :
      Click here to watch the video tutorial.Done!!! Your pending users will be successfully accepted.
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