Friday, June 8, 2018

Download - New Instagram Script Updated Version 2018

Hey Guys,

Again Sameel Butt is here with a new Instagram Script which is the latest script and launched in june 2018. This is the Latest Updated Script of Instagram Bot, if you want old scripts of instagram bot you can also get those scripts from this blog, just search for instagram bot scripts in the blog and you can get any scripts available on the blog. Ok so without wasting our time let's start.

This is the Latest Updated Script 2018 Shared By SameelTech

Demo Pic :

Demo Site :

~ Steps to Install ~

  1. First of all download the script from the given link in the post.

  2. then upload the script zip file in your hosting file manager.

  3. extract the zip file.

  4. set the database in application/config/mainconfig.php.

  5. Again set eh database in sameeltech/config.php.

  6. then run the table.sql file and vip.sql file in Your hosting's php my admin.

  7. Now set the CronJob like that given below :
    let me tell you one thing, Suppose you have more than 10 active users at a time then you have to also set the cronjob on second file named as bot2.php, next will be same, if your users will increase from 20, you have to add a cronjob on bot3.php.
    there is total 13 cron files so it means this site can hold more than 130 users at a time. "Hope this will be a new secret for you :-) "

All is Done!! After Following All of these steps, you can check your site, this will be smoothly open. If you Face any problem just comment below or contact us on our Facebook Page.

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Download The Script By Clicking On the Button Given Below....

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Sameel bro finally you did it
Thx a lot
Everyone support Sameel bro

Stay in Touch :)
Regards : Sameel Butt

bro what is your theme name?

download link isnt working I liked page but still now work

Thx bro for the new script
Luv you forever

bro where is tha dowloawd ling ???

bro is this script has no like block feature

bro is this script has bno like block option

Upload New Scrpit Of Instagram

Bro why your site is back to old design

Bro I was suggested to your website by Joel
Thanking him for this wonderful script

Not only him all thx and luv goes to you the most

Download link not work

Its working Brother, What Problem You are Facing? :)

This is the Latest Script Brother :-)

Because i likes the old one :D

Bro Just Css Changed, New Bot1.php Script will be launched soon, hope this will work perfectly but i ref you to completely read the post then i think you can understand.

Joel suggested me a blog I came here by seeing his post great blog continue this
Thx a lot bro

Bro great blog please upload the new scrip
The latest one with cookie option and upload new scripts

Bro is there any way to avoid like block option in bot?

Yes, Make the like and comment cron files separately or Set on 2 mins.

i liked the page but download link.not showed

bro upload new script The latest one with cookie option login

Its also contains ur ads

superb bro i am waiting for it

I am waiting for today the new script with cookie login option


Bro this will not effect the scripts...

bro login nahi ho raha hai... and admin panel bhi nahi opn ho raha hai

Apki hosting ka masla hai, .htaccess file problem kr rhi hai, apki hosting usko load ni kr rhi, contact your hosting provider :)

Thanks bro,
but.. i hope someday will update Login Instagram with Facebook..

Where is the dowloawd button ????

Sorry, Check Now it's again available :-)

how to activate the pending users. getcookie.php not working on the new script

Edit the 4 URLS in getcookie.php including https or http, with www or without www.
Than it will work fine.

i think it probably happen that the folders of new script were diffrent. the entire directory tree was changed i cant find the correct directory for the new script

plz add video how to make new model insta bot

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