Saturday, July 21, 2018

Download - Cyber Ghost 6 Vpn Full Version with Crack

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 Am gonna share cyber ghost 6 vpn with fully cracked version, So it means you can use the premium version of this vpn without paying any cost. I will tell the method in this post to fully crack this software and also there is a instruction file in the setup files so you can also read the instructions after downloading the software. 

So Let's Discuss About the advantages of a VPN. Okay, First of all let me tell you that VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, So it means that this is like a mask on our real ip, so by using a vpn we can change our browsing location. There are many websites on google that we need to browse but unfortunately we are unable to surf those websites from our country, this is because those website's ip is banned by our country, But No worries, we can still access those websites by using vpns.

There are Many VPN softwares on google but unfortunately they ask to pay them in order to use their software. Officially Cyber Ghost VPN is the one of best vpn's and also ask for money to use it but we are providing you a cracked version so you can use this without paying any money. We Hope, you will like this VPN because there are almost all country locations in this vpn and you can access any website through any country by using this VPN, 
  So let's discuss about the installation of our Software.

~ Installation Process ~

In this section, we are going to discuss about, how to install and crack this, so let's Start.
  1. First of all download the Vpn Setup By the Given Link Below in the Post.
  2. Then Extract the zip files in a folder.
  3. First of all simply install the Cyber ghost vpn with simple setup file given.
  4. ( After Installation Completed ) Goto task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del key and turn of the Cyberghost app and cyberghost app services.
  5. Now go to the Cracked Folder and copy all the files, and goto your vpn installation directory (the default installation directory is C://Program Files/Cyber Ghost 6/) and paste all the cracked files.
  6. Now again run the cyber ghost vpn from installation directory and you will see that the vpn has been cracked.
If not work, you must made a mistake, follow these steps again.

~ Download Setup ~

The Password of zip file is : sameeltech

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